Q&A - Guest Manual

. Full return90% return (10% loss)80% return (20% loss)0% reduction (no cancellation, no refund)
1. サービス開始までに有用なQ&A

I heard that it can be done with a smartphone, but I'm not sure if my model is compatible...

The operation test can be performed from "Guest Basic Information">"Open Connection Test" in Guest My Page after you log in.

Operate as instructed, and when you get to the screen that says "waiting for your cast to be connected with you...", you will see the following message: Guest My Page. is displayed on the screen, the model is compatible.

Please note that even if you are successful in this test, if you do not meet the following equipment and internet speed requirements, you are not covered by the warranty.

I want to cancel my reservation


How to proceed

1. Open [Edit/Cancel Reservation] of the session you wish to cancel from the scheduled live dates displayed on My Page.


2. Click [Cancel Guest Situation] at the bottom of the page.

Reduction Penalty

If you cancel your appointment, the points to be redeemed will be based on the time until the session starts


The points will be returned based on the following table. The points will be returned based on the table below.

Until session startsReduction rate (loss rate)
More than 24 hours
6 hours or more within 24 hours
3 hours or more within 6 hours
Less than 3 hours to start
0% reduction (no cancellation, no refund)


It looks like the cast member cancelled the reservation, what happens to the points?

The client will be refunded the full amount of points that were spent on the appointment, as well as the time it took to start the session


You will receive back the full amount of points you spent on the reservation, as well as the following amount of additional points depending on the time it takes to start the session.

. . 10% point surcharge returned15% point surcharge returned20% point rebate
Until session startsSurcharge return rate
From 3 hours to 24 hours
From 30 minutes to 3 hours
Within 30 minutes


You can check your point increase/decrease from Point History on My Page.


Can I set my own nickname for the cast to call me?

You can change it from [Edit Guest Basic Information] on the Guest My Page.

Can I set my nickname for the Cast Member to call me?

If there is no setting, the Cast Member will ask the guest's name first.

It can also be set at the time of booking a session, overriding the designation listed as basic information. (e.g. "Master")

The cast can refer to your past usage history, etc. for the convenience of service improvement, but we will respect it if you set it up as a role play.


How can I change the option content


You can do so up to 5 minutes before the session starts.

You can do this up to 5 minutes before the session starts.

How to proceed

1. Open [Edit/Cancel Reservation] of the session you wish to change from the scheduled live dates displayed on My Page.


2. Edit the reservation details and press Save.



I'm going to be late for my session...

Please go to My Page and click on the "Cast Member Emergency Contact" link for the session you will be late for on your most recent live date to let us know that you will be late.

If you have not contacted us by the time 15 minutes have elapsed since the start of the session, the session will be automatically cancelled.

In that case, points will not be refunded. Please understand that.

In that case, we will not refund your points.

Handling of the remarks field on the reservation page

The remarks field can be used when the customer has additional information to add to the reservation details.

About the remarks field on the reservation page

Otherwise, it can be used in cases where the customer cannot specify his or her preferences due to a lack of input fields or options for the reservation details.

The realization of x-oasis reservations is left to the Cast Member, and there is no guarantee that the Cast Member will be able to fulfill your request even if you specify it in the remarks field.

Please understand this before using x-oasis.

Is a call required?

Calls are currently required because it is difficult for the cast to get your feedback and please you without them.

Calls are required.

Can I use a voice changer?

No problem as long as the cast can hear what you are saying.

Can I talk to the casts in English?

You may talk to our casts in English. So far Karin is only one who can serve in English. 

Soon or later we will localize the service multilingual in terms of UI/System/Casts line-up.

How many minutes in advance can I make a reservation?

Up to 60 minutes before the start of the event.

What is the minimum time I can make a reservation?

Please make your reservation as soon as possible, as it will disappear from the reservation list.

If the session is not ready 5 minutes before (still in "reserved" status)


The cast may not be aware of your reservation.
If there is manned support, support staff will attempt to contact the Cast Member. (The status will be "Confirming Operation".)

No-call cast members are only allowed to be late up to 10 minutes after the start time.

If there is no contact or status change in the emergency contact chat after 10 minutes have passed and you suspect an unauthorized absence, please check If a cast member does not show up or contact you after the session start time (suspected unauthorized absence).

When a cast member does not arrive after the session start time and has not been contacted (when an unauthorized absence is suspected or has been made)


If you are still in the "reserved" status at the scheduled service start time and have not heard anything in the "emergency contact chat" for 10 minutes, we will treat that session as an unauthorized absence.

In that case, we will return 150% of the points paid at the time of booking.

We apologize, but currently manual support is required to return points and change reservation status.

If you have received no response from a cast member and have gone AWOL, please use this support contact form to notify our management staff.

Also, if you have not heard from us for 10 minutes, there is no need to wait the rest of the time, please just contact us.

How can I be the first to know when the cast booking information is available?

You don't have to check our website frequently, but you can get reservation ticket information immediately through the linkage function with google calendar and so on.

For more information, please visit this page.

What if my schedule doesn't work with the cast?

X-Oasis can prompt cast members to enter live dates at specific times.

This can be entered from the Ask button () on each Cast Member's profile page, which can be viewed from the Cast Member List, or from the "Ask Page" for each Cast Member from the reservation list.

This is only a "request" and Cast Members are not obligated to make a reservation at the time requested, let alone receive a reply from the Cast Member.

If you are not able to get in at the time you want, it may simply be that the time is not convenient for the Cast Member.

The ask function can only be used twice a week through all cast members. It is charged at noon on Wednesdays and at midnight on Sundays.

Please feel free to use this feature and feel free to pick up the phone even if you don't get a response.

Please feel free to use it and feel free to receive it even if there is no response.

What are the communication line requirements for the service?

Please see Play Instructions for the minimum communication speed requirements for X-Oasis.

We will not be able to provide warranty coverage if your environment does not meet the minimum communication speed requirements at the time of support.

What are the minimum requirements for equipment used?

Please see the playing instructions for the minimum requirements for the equipment used in X-Oasis.

We will not be able to provide warranty coverage if your environment does not meet these minimum requirements at the time of support.

How will it appear on my credit card statement?

Your credit card statement will contain three letters and a number, such as "RLE ◯◯◯◯◯◯◯".

Please be assured that X-Oasis' name will not appear on your credit card statement.

Please be assured that the name of X-Oasis will not appear on the application.

2. サービス中に有用なQ&A

Can I change my appointment during the session?

Please discuss this with your cast member after the session begins.

(We strongly recommend that you specify this at the time of booking as it may take some time to set up)

What is a photo icon? I want to take a commemorative photo


1. [Optional] Click on "Change name/photo icon" on the Guest My Page and upload the icon you want to have your photo taken with


2. If the cast member is available, there is an option at the time of booking to specify whether you would like to have a photo taken with them or not.

(Please see here for the rules of photography)

3. At any point during the session, verbally inform the cast member that you would like to be photographed.

3. サービス後に有用なQ&A

Why did my session end in the middle of a session with a status of "System Circumstances Interrupted"?

At the discretion of the cast, the end result of a live-date session ended in the middle of a live-date session when there was a systemic problem (no connection, audio not reaching either of us) or other failure.

Customer Compensation

Customers will receive 100% of the X-points consumed at the time of booking, and a 5% compensation will be automatically transferred to them.

Customer Compensation

In addition, depending on the circumstances of the problem, the management may provide additional point tokens or other compensation at its discretion.

Additionally, depending on the circumstances of the problem, additional point tokens may be issued at the discretion of the management.

As a guideline, if there is no problem after testing here, we may pay additional points if the system situation ends in an interruption.

Since this is a case-by-case basis, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please describe the detailed situation (model information, etc.) and complete the contact form.


Why did the session end in the middle of a casting situation?

This is the end result of a live-date session that was terminated in the middle of a live-date session due to some kind of cast decision.

In this case, the Cast is not accountable.

In this case, the Cast Member will not be held accountable.

Customer Compensation

Customers will be compensated 100% of the X-points consumed at the time of booking, plus an additional 30% of those X-points.

(For a 6,000 point reservation, you will get 7,800 points back.)

Please understand that we generally do not accept requests for more reductions than that.

(If you make a reservation for 6000 points, you will get 7800 points back)


I need my points back...

If you are dissatisfied with any service and wish to have your points refunded, you may get your points back by requesting a point refund.

Refund requests are for clients who have one week to file a claim for a live date where the session was terminated at the discretion of the Cast Member.

When we receive a redemption request, our support staff may make a decision within one week to redeem the points to the customer.

Procedure Procedure

    Go to My Page.
  1. Go to the "Redemption Requests" tab.
  2. Click "Request a reduction" for the live date you wish to request
  3. .
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter and submit your information.

Will the details of the reduction request be communicated to the Cast Member?

The text of the content regarding the claim itself will not be communicated directly to the cast member.

However, a minimal overview of the content will be conveyed to the Cast Member to fact-check the communication between the support staff and the Cast Member.

Will I definitely get my points back?

This is not a promise to return points and we do not accept any claims of significance against the final decision of our support staff.

Are you sure you want to get your points back?


I want to send a fan letter to a cast member

You can send up to one fan letter per live date within five days after the completion of a live date from the tab "Fan Letters" on the guest's My Page.

The Cast Member is not obligated to respond to any of these letters, but will be notified of the text of the letter and will make it visible to the Cast Member the next time you schedule a session.

Please thank the cast member for the fan letter directly from their own mouth at the next live date.

Please thank the cast directly from their own mouths at the next live date.

Please refrain from using this function for the main purpose of communicating complaints to the Cast Member. If you have any problems with the content of the session, please go through the point-reward claim procedure that is provided.