How to play


1. Please test the operation with your smartphone or other equipment


Before making a reservation, access the operation test and make sure that the audio is input correctly.


The behavior test can be accessed at Guest My Page, click on "Basic Guest Information" and then "Open Connection Test".

Operate as instructed, and when you get to the screen that says "waiting for your cast to be connected with you..." is displayed on the screen, the model is compatible.

Please note that even if you are successful in this test, if you do not meet the following equipment and internet speed requirements, you are not covered by the warranty.

High Quality Mode (image quality for VR)

Recommended transmission speed requirements: Download: 4Mbps Upload: 500Kbps

Minimum connection speed requirement: Download: 3Mbps Upload: 200Kbps (Wi-Fi strongly recommended)

Please check your connection speed using Google speed test etc.

Data Save Mode (480p)

Recommended transmission speed requirement: 1Mbps downlink 500Kbps uplink

Minimum transmission speed requirement: 0.7Mbps downlink 200Kbps uplink

If the connection is not stable, the quality of the image may be switched at the discretion of the cast.


iPhone minimum requirements: iPhone6s iOS 14 or higher Safari working + stock audio related (issues caused by non-genuine audio related devices are not supported or refundable)

* For iPhone, please make sure to visit this page.

Android minimum requirements: Android 4.4.2  or higher Google Chrome running (Please check the test page to make sure it works.)
(As an exception,
the following models have been confirmed to have audio problems, and therefore cannot be used with earphones, etc. )


Windows minimum requirements: Windows 8/10/11  Google Chrome / Edge working (latest version of each)


2. Decide on the cast


Search for a cast from the cast list. Each cast has different play contents, costumes, and avatars.

Find a Cast Member of your choice.


3. Decide on the date and time of your play


Please see the "Attendance Schedule" page.

Check the cast members' attendance schedule and attendance plan, and select a session that meets your demand.

The following three plans are available for selection. (If the Cast Member has not made the plan available for booking, it will not be available for selection.)

  1. Talk Reservation (Adult Free Talk Plan)
  2. Play reservation (Virtual adult entertainment play plan)
  3. Toy play reservation (Virtual adult entertainment play plan)
    1. Toy Play Reservation (Virtual adult entertainment + Remote Toy (Cast Member Attached) Plan)
    1. Toy Play Reservation (Virtual adult entertainment + Remote Toy (Cast Member Attached) Plan)


4. Decide on your options and make your reservation


The worlds, avatars, and costumes that have been unlocked will be displayed, so select one and press the reservation button to proceed to the point consumption screen.

Costumes can be specified for all cast members at no charge. (Only those shown on the booking form)

Let your favorite cast members dress up to your liking!

5. Put on the VR goggles and enter the world of dreams...

When it is time to make an appointment for the day, the URL for the session will be displayed on your My Page and registered e-mail address.

Access the URL with a compatible browser. Please access the URL with a compatible browser and wait until the cast comes in.

Please access the site with a compatible browser.

Compatible Browsers  PC, Google Chrome, Edge

Android - Google Chrome

iPhone - Safari